conference sessions and videos

2019 Conference Videos

Experts Panel

Lisa Crispin
Testing Advocate at mabl (USA)

Jason Huggins
Founder of Tapster Robotics (USA)

Angie Jones
Automation Architect, Senior Developer Advocate at Applitools (USA)

Lalitkumar Bhamare
Senior Software Test Engineer, XING SE (Germany)

November 22nd Talks

Angie Jones

Opening Keynote: The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World Angie Jones

Jason and Declan Huggins

Closing Keynote: Glitching the System Jason and Declan Huggins

Joel Montvelisky

The New Skill Set for the New QA Specialist

Dillon Carney

Getting Started with Accessibility

Andrew Mellen​

Calling BS on Busy: Secrets of Time Management, Productivity + Organization

Davar Ardalan

Testing Peer Workshop: How would you bring Cultural IQ to machines?

November 21st Talks

Talia Nassi

Testing in Production

Swati Shah

Bottlenecks, Brain Science & Breakthroughs

Shesh Patel and Prathamesh Nagle

Stress Testing Your Website without Stressing Your Dev Team

Robert Guzman

The Rise of Freelance Project Software Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting in the 21st Century

Robert Gormley

Test Scenario Design Models: What are They and Why are They Your Key to Agile Quality Success?

Rajdeep Varma

There is More in Appium than You Think

Jyothi Rangaiah

Tools, Games and Activities to Gather More Ideas to Test

Jesper Ottosen

Leading When the Subject Matter Experts Test

Ian Goddard

The Challenges of Testing Playback at Scale

George Hamblen

Unmasking Test Data. The Case for Synthetic Test Data

Jovana Florus

Sell! Sell! Sell!: A Stress Free Guide to Introducing Quality Assurance

Dwayne Green

Deliberate Practice in Practice

Priyanka Halder

High-Performance Testing: Finding the Right Work-Life Balance as a QA in the Ever-changing AGILE Startup World

Milena Lazarevic and Dejan Nikolic

Challenges of Testing Complex IoT Systems and Devices

Martin Boesgaard

Derive Good Test Data from Production Data without Breaking Privacy Laws

Aleksander Lipski

Testing in Uncharted Waters - Introducing the Change in the New Domains

Brian Saylor

Prioritizing Automation Tests

Corina-Adina Pip

Troubleshooting the Fudge out of It

Speed Talks

Anna Royzman

Building Leaders on the Testing Community

Lalitkumar Bhamare

Succeeding with Whole Team Testing

Tanya Kravtsov

Share Your Story with the World

Corina-Adina Pip

Top Lessons I learned from my Developers

Chris Atkinson

Automating for Accessibility