ConTest NYC 2020 Organizers Committee

We are delighted to present our 2020 ConTest NYC Conference Committee.

The ConTest program is created by the test professionals who are passionate about the testing craft and taking the community forward. ConTest NYC 2020 is all set to be led by Priyanka Halder as Conference Chair and Lalitkumar Bhamare as Program Chair who, together with his committee will put together a great program. His team of “Terrific Ten” as he calls it, will work with him to carefully review each speaker submission, offer feedback on submissions where needed, provide mentorship and support to new voices, and put together a very best selection of keynotes, track sessions, workshops and tutorials for our attendees. We are impressed with submissions made so far and look forward to a unique, time relevant, diverse and engaging program for 2020.

Submissions for 2020 conference are open till April 15th. 

Stay tuned for ConTest NYC 2020 Conference Program to be released .

Conference Chair – Priyanka Halder (U.S.A.)

Priyanka Halder has more than 12 years’ experience in Quality Assurance in various startups like GoodRx Inc, Heal, Homeme Inc, and Truecar. She currently heads the Quality Engineering team in Goodrx (a multi Bn dollars company) which serves to more than 10mn monthly Americans as there no 1. price transparency platform for their prescription drug. Growing up in India, Priyanka today sees herself as Californian and is building her career implementing QA teams to use technologies like visual validation, test stabilization pipelines, and CI/CD for each code deployment. She loves to tackle the QA technical challenges with the help of modern technologies like Selenium/Applitools. She won “world bug battle championship 2014” and was also a recent speaker in Wonder women in Tech, Test Leadership Congress, NYC and many more.

In her spare time, Priyanka loves to travel, try out new foods and spend time with her super active 3-year-old daughter.  Last but not least, Priyanka Loves to work out in F45 ( an Australian Gym). She has won multiple championships losing total 41 lbs fat in a year.   Reach out to her on Twitter @pri_tech_mom.


Program Chair – Lalitkumar Bhamare (Germany)

Lalit is a critical thinker, a professional tester for over a decade. He currently works at XING GmbH & Co.KG, Germany as Sr. Test Engineer. Lalit is a software testing and quality coach, international keynote speaker, and with his passion for taking testing craft ahead, he has selflessly contributed to numerous initiatives over the years.

As the Editor-in-Chief of the highly popular online software testing magazine “Tea Time with Testers” and the co-founder of the largest worldwide State of Testing survey, Lalit brings the high expertise and authority to our team. He will be guiding the program committee to select the best program for the conference! 

You can find him as @Lalitbhamare on Twitter.

Dragan Spiridonov is a tester with a background as a teacher. He currently works as a Director of QA and Testing at Alchemy Cloud, an American-Serbian start-up. With 20+ years of IT experience, his testing work puts together things he is learning now with things he’s learned in other roles over the years. He’s been a system and network administrator, customer support, developer, trainer and a teacher, and now a tester. His interest in learning and sharing shows in the nickname his friends use on him, as they call him the Professor. Dragan contributes as an event organizer for the local testing community and, since 2016, he is a speaker and volunteer at international testing conferences.

You can find him as @profesor_dragan on Twitter.

Milena Lazarevic is the Head of testing in one young software development company called Invenda based in Novi Sad. After completing a Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in 2012, she started testing various vending and transportation software products for international clients. She has built her experience in using different testing approaches for testing complex mixture of hardware and software in the ticket vending industry. Searching for new challenges and excitement, she joined some of her former vending colleagues at Invenda where the testing became part of the R&D process in building a product. She has been a speaker on several international testing conferences and enjoys sharing knowledge and networking with other testing professionals from around the globe. Her favorite quote: “Let’s make our job even more interesting and exciting, by challenging ourselves every day!”

Maik Nogens works as a senior test consultant, where he focuses on the agile aspects of software testing.His 25+ years of work experience include working in the German Navy, being a project leader in the Middle East as well as working as a tester in different industries.As part of his passion to support the profession of testers and the craft of testing, Maik is active in many peer and community setups.Maik is a co-founder of two international peer networks, GATE (German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop) and PotsLightning.
He runs several testing communities (STUGHH, ASQF SIG “Agility”) and established an English-speaking testing community in his hometown Hamburg, Germany.In 2014 he designed and implemented the Software Testing World Cup (STWC). This global event is run like the Olympics and happens every two years (2014, 2016 so far).He is a black belt in the Miagi-Do School of Software Testing, attended the BBST and RST courses, is a practicing testing trainer, conducts Testing Dojos and runs workshops for TestSphere, Pipeline, Kanban, SCRUM and other agile areas.He is experienced with agile and testing concepts and holds several certificates (CAT, CABA, IREB, ISTQB Full Advanced Level, CSM, etc.).

Iryna Suprun started her career as a software engineer in 2004 in Ukraine, where she was born. She received her master’s degree in computer science in 2006, and in 2007 she began her first position as a quality analyst. She remained in QA, focusing on the telecom industry and testing real-time communication systems and products such as the audio platform for the GoToMeeting application. Three years ago, she decided it was time to try something new and moved to AdTech. She is presently a QA architect building automation frameworks and implementing testing processes from scratch.

Based in the Czech republic, Klára considers herself a context driven tester and practitioner of the Rapid Software Testing methodology working at TestLauncher, a company that provides advanced software testing.

She is a peer advisor for the Rapid Software Testing Applied class , an instructor of the Black Box Software Testing classes at the Association for Software Testing, and a member of the editorial board at Tea-time with Testers, who loves animals, rock, piano playing and Charles Bukowski. 

Connect with Klara via LinkedIn –ára-jánová-71904a121/

Aprajita Mathur is a Senior Bioinformatics Software Test Manager with an engineering background in Bioinformatics. She has more than 10+ years of software testing experience. She has worked as a manual and automation tester on a wide range of products like instrument software, LIMS, web- applications, integrated solutions and data analysis pipelines which are used in the fields of agriculture, transplant genomics, forensics and oncology. Currently she leads the Bioinformatics Software Test team at Guardant Health, which builds the world’s leading comprehensive liquid biopsy. This non-invasive tool for accessing and sequencing tumor DNA is used by oncologists to help advanced cancer patients. She has recently started a chapter for “Women Who Test” in the bay area and hopes to grow this community. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and write new songs for her son.

Dina Kazakevich is a software tester and remote work evangelist. Passionate about communication and building processes, she helps companies and individuals succeed without succumbing to their office cubicles.Dina’s formal education is in linguistics. She used to lead guided tours in Greece and the Hermitage—the second-largest art museum in the world. She switched her career to technology 4 years ago as a technical writer and gradually transitioned to a full-time testing job. She’s taken trainings in BBST, RSTA, and the mentors’ course by Yandex.Practicum.

Dina has got hands-on experience testing applications of small and large sizes used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Now she works with TestLauncher company as a Test Strategist and leads a team of 5 testers.

Jari Laakso started his testing career in 2004. He doesn’t always have a green hair, but when he does, it’s like nuclear radiated grass. Shifting between product and project based companies, three continents, and various business domains, he finally settled down in Romania. Jari is currently working as a manager of managers, but always ready to try or build new tools, learn concepts, and play with software.

He works at ComplyAdvantage, the industry-leading company fighting against terrorist financing and money-laundering. ComplyAdvantage’s vision is to take on and neutralize the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and all other global financial crimes by providing the world’s only dynamic global risk database of people and companies. Powering a suite of configurable cloud services, ComplyAdvantage integrates seamlessly to help automate and reduce the frustration of complying with Sanctions, AML, and CFT regulations.

Rohit Kadam is a senior software test engineer at XING based in Hamburg, Germany. He started his career as Software tester and has over all 9 years of experience. Prior to XING he worked at Red Hat, India. His expertise are automation of frontend and backend applications. Also, he has a keen interest and experience in setting up test infrastructure. He is Linux and vim enthusiast. He likes to explore new technologies and tools in testing.

Rohit has mentored many junior testers and he believes in pairing and sharing knowledge with others. You can find him on Twitter as @r0hitkadam and he would be glad to discuss and help on any software testing related topics.