Call for Proposals

November 16th - 20th 2020

New York, NY

Proposal Submission deadline:

April 15th 2020

ConTEST NYC is the conference that explores the role of quality and testing in the context of the modern world.

We are looking for presentations and workshops on following topics:

  • Latest IT trends and technologies
  • Modern Quality Engineering practices
  • Innovative techniques in software testing 
  • The testing of emergent and newest technologies (case studies)
  • Team player and leadership skills
  • Testing role in XP, Agile, DevOps
  • Hottest tools and methodologies
  • Mastering Software Testing  expertise
  • Working in cross functional teams
  • Self motivation and influencing skills
  • Career development opportunities
  • Effective communication and team building techniques
  • Leading and influencing whole team quality
  • Coaching testing, facilitation techniques
  • Understanding and navigating through new organizational processes such as Agile, Lean/Kanban, DevOps (new skills, disciplines and attitudes needed, etc.)
  • Managing and leading testing and quality processes
  • Games and interactive sessions to teach any of the above

Practical experience over generic statements is preferred.  Exercises and hands-on techniques are highly encouraged.

We want to hear experiences in the topics that are important in testing.

We find that the most important experiences are often the moments of struggle and recovery by learning. The format of our conference makes including exercises and hands-on techniques in your session easy and good.


Frequently Asked Questions

Test Leadership Congress is run by a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on volunteers. Speakers are not compensated, but there are opportunities for funding. The accepted speakers may apply for the partial or full funding for their travel and/or accommodation. The funding will be rewarded based on the number of scholarships available.

All accepted conference speakers receive a 3-day free entry VIP pass to all conference events – this includes the 2-day conference and the full day of pre-conference masterclass tutorial(s) with the industry leaders and a speaker’s dinner.

Official Visa invitations are provided upon request to all the accepted speakers who require Visa entry to the United States.

A portion of our conference will be video-recorded. If you are selected and agree to be filmed, we will publish the final videos on our Test Masters Academy websites and YouTube Channel. All Photos will be shared on our websites.

We ask that all presentations be shared in our Test Masters Academy Slack.