Test Masters Academy

Code of Conduct

November 16th - 20th

New York, NY


Test Masters Academy invites you to contribute to the professional growth of the global testing community by sharing your passion, unique insights, skills, and knowledge at the conferences organized by TMA. To create a more productive and satisfying environment for such interactions, the conference adopted the Code of Conduct, developed by Ash Coleman and Anna Royzman, Test Masters Academy founder. We thank James Bach for the contribution to our statements.

Mission Statement

Test Masters Academy conferences strive to create a forum for exchange and discussions of emergent ideas that advance the craft of software testing and quality in technology. We are building the platform where practitioners, scientists, and academia create collective awareness that’s advancing understanding of technology quality practices through the development of technical, social, and cognitive skills. Test Masters Academy conferences welcome unorthodox thought leadership and promote respect and appreciation for the community passionate about quality.



A Test Masters Academy conference is a conference of respect. A respect for yourself, as well as a respect for others. We promote an environment of learning, conversation, and debate. We respect other’s desires to engage; consent is respect.


A Test Masters Academy conference is a conference of professionalism. We strive to endorse a collaborative community that upholds and honors spaces held for open dialog with integrity.


A Test Masters Academy conference is a conference of where we care and honor the rights of those in attendance to feel safe and protected against harmful conflict. In ways of behavior, conduct, content, and language. Anyone who does not stand with these values will be subject to action found appropriate for such behavior.


A Test Masters Academy conference is a non-discriminatory, harassment-free, inclusive environment irrespective of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, identity and/or disability. We are a respecter of persons and promote and are dedicated to an environment free from language, images, and gestures insinuating intimidation, harassment or abuse in any form.

Inappropriate behavior, targeting or deliberately intimidating individuals in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or afraid is completely prohibited. Those who are addressed as doing such will be asked to stop immediately and comply. Those who do not respect this request will be subject to action deemed appropriate by conference counsel.

We reserve the right to respond accordingly, including but not limited to removal from the conference. In any setting where craftsmanship is being discussed, people will have strong feelings about what is a reasonable practice and what is not.

By attending a TMA conference you agree that you might encounter views that you strongly disagree with. We welcome all with respect, professionalism, and integrity.