ConTest NYC Speaker Dinner

Speakers gather and break bread at the Speaker Dinner

The Netherlands represent at ConTest NYC

DeTesters from the Netherlands showcase their ConTest NYC sweaters with Angie Jones


Davar Ardalan

How can testers prepare for the future of AI, testing, and personalization? That’s what we workshopped on Friday at ConTEST NYC led by Test Masters Academy’s Anna Royzman in New York City. Yes! For the field of AI and personalization to be effective and culturally relevant, we must create comprehensive datasets to nurture cultural intelligence in machines and even in social robots...


Adam Mardula

A major theme at this year’s conTest was the fast-changing testing landscape. With AI, there isn’t an expected behavior, in the familiar sense, as these systems by definition are constantly evolving. Not only do they change the manner in which they respond to initial inputs but they also change things in terms of how long it takes to carry out each test, per execution, as well as results that are achieved. These results may be different, but more optimally correct than the final system conditions we originally asserted to be true...


Jyothi Rangaiah

Initially, I couldn't understand the why and how of testing in production. Having tried it twice at two different organizations (a startup and at another large firm) that I worked with, the management only showed no/negative interest in it. Also, the programmers panicked and the authority went berserk when I suggested it. I realized to implement this, management buy-in is absolutely necessary and testing for software security using tools such as Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner - how would you do it in production...

Priyanka Pic

Priyanka Halder

There is a saying "Last but not the Least", and its true for ConTESTNYC as well. This Test Conference was the last one of the year but it was certainly one of the best one. ConTestNYC is 4 years old conference and this year it has grown 3x and had around 200 attendees from more than 20 countries. I got the opportunity to attend Lisa and Anna's tutorial on the whole team approach on continuous delivery. The room was very diverse as we had representation from Poland, Denmark, NYC and of course me from Los Angeles...