Motivation for Apple Pie + Tea

Presenter: Sunaza Arshad

If you are not at the place where you dreamed to be and your manager/TL has stopped admiring and recognizing your skills; then you need a boost. A boost to change the whole picture.


  • Are you facing hard times while upgrading from Manual testing to Automation?
  • Want to be an expert and pursue your career as a leader, but things are messed up?
  • What is your self-esteem, hard to find out?
  • Do you really need to learn the “SMART GOAL” approach?
  • Are you eligible for Mental Massage?
  • It's hard to get ready out of a pyjamas to formal suit?


If all these and lots of other challenges you’re facing at your workplace. JOIN US at a lively and causal playground where we will Identify your motivation and make the transition smooth. We will not discuss theories and difficult terms over motivation; we will be doing everything practically to come to the end results in the same session.


Things to bring with yourself: THE REAL YOU


Motivation works wonders! I do believe that YOU are amazing because YOU are unique. You only have to find the way out, and I will help you get there. Together we will find the actual YOU and bring him/her into action. If you were ever failed to do something, I bet that, you are near to success. Together we will play some fun games and the results will amaze you.


You will leave the room with an astonishing feeling of being the most SKILLED and SUCCESSFUL person.

Sunaza Arshad


She is passionate but sometimes a lazy tester, International Speaker, Presentation Skills Expert and Soft Skill Coach. She loves testing but has worked in different areas of development; php,.Net, SEO, Content writing and even SMM. Sunaza is currently working as a Test Coordinator at Digital Agency in The Netherlands.


Sunaza’s career path started from testing spy mobile apps and later on, she gained some experience in development. Since childhood, she has been speaking on stage as a debater and also delivered numerous speeches on public events.


In 2011 she started a research on “Reasons of Disengagement at Work" and motivated thousands of people from all fields to pursue their careers. She is truly motivated and an enthusiastic person who believes soft skills can turn the whole story of one’s career growth. More often she collects data and stats of different people to relate it with others to design an effective exercise. She uses an out of the box approach to engage people and help them to find their way to success. Most of her workshops and trainings include games and practical exercises.

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