Panel Discussion: Future-Ready Testing


We invited experts and thought leaders in our community to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Testing of Tomorrow. Some of us are already tapping into the testing of emergent technologies. Some of us are catching up. We will review our professional community readiness, our understanding of risks and tasks, and what does every tester needs to do to stay relevant.


We will discuss the following topics:


  • How do professional testers prepare for the future technological boom?
  • What are the highest risks of technology of tomorrow?
  • Where are the opportunities for testers?
  • Do our skills and mindsets need to adjust? What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’?
  • The tools and environments of tomorrow testing: do they exist today or do we need to invent them?
  • What will tester’s expertise look like in the future?


Join us for the lively discussion between the panel experts and the whole audience.

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