Become a Better Android Apps Tester

Presenter: Katelyn Rodrigue

The Android operating system has surpassed Windows to become the most popular operating system for internet usage in the world. With over 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store chances are you have tested or will test Android native apps in your career. This two part talk will provide you with a deeper understanding of Android applications and leave you with test cases and tools that will improve your testing strategy.


Part 1: Testing for the Android Activity Lifecycle. Have you ever uncovered a bug by simply rotating your Android device? Or maybe you’ve gotten a message that your backgrounded app crashed while you weren’t even using it? The Android Activity Lifecycle is how your app handles transitions like these and many more. Learn about the lifecycle paradigm, what cases to run to ensure you catch common lifecycle bugs, and the built in tools to help you deeply test your app’s activities.


Part 2: Testing your Android Apps’ Accessibility. Testers try to work from the perspective of an end user when testing that an app is “usable”. However our perspective of the end user often neglects the nearly 20% of the world’s population that is reported to have a disability. That means one in five of our end users has a different viewpoint of what it means for an app to be usable. We as testers have the responsibility to test that our app is accessible to all end users. Learn about the tools Android has in place to help you test your app’s accessibility and improve your definition of usability testing.

Katelyn Rodrigue


Katelyn has been testing for four years across different industries, including healthcare, sports tech and internet platforms for products that are used by millions of people all over the world. She's helped to create quality software on multiple platforms such as mobile applications, websites and backend enterprise systems. Currently she works at Bitly as the QA Lead where she's helping to build the testing process

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