Quality is a Team Sport

Presenter: Kate Conway

This presentation will focus on why introducing quality early in the development process is valuable for project teams. Concepts such as quality coaching, test ownership, benefits of manual and exploratory testing, and test automation pitfalls will be discussed.


I will also explore why the whole team is responsible for quality rather than viewing quality as a "gatekeeper" role. Additionally why a diverse team "wins" more frequently and is healthier when measuring quality. Diversity in this context will include backgrounds, approaches, thoughts and skills.

Kate Conway


Kate Conway has always asked a lot of questions. As a UNIX/Linux system administrator, those questions were mainly about OSes, backups, networking, and who unplugged that power cord. Eventually, those answers steered Kate’s career into software testing where she has been able to ask more exciting questions.


Kate has an undergraduate degree from Merrimack College in Philosophy and a Master of Science In Information Technology degree from Bentley University. She was also certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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