Mobile Application Testing Workshop

Presenter: Kamlesh Bansal

According to various data analytics, nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use. Therefore, it’s very important to have a great user experience in mobile apps for its sustainability in this competitive market. Testing applications on mobile devices has its own set of challenges with the constantly changing operating systems, platforms and technologies. Most of the mobile applications are easy to use but they are equally difficult to test and it’s very easy to miss critical defects. It’s very important to think out of box while testing the mobile apps and take into consideration various external/internal factors that can adversely impact your mobile app.


During my career in mobile testing field, I have encountered different unique bugs and I have created various artifacts learning from them. This session will give users practical skills on how to approach mobile application testing -- focusing on all aspects like functional, security and performance.


In this workshop you will learn about mobile application testing through hands-on activities, exercises and discussions. You will also learn about various tools which can help you in testing mobile apps.


You will explore mobile testing techniques on your mobile device, so a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet is required.

Kamlesh Bansal


Kamlesh Bansal is a highly experienced software professional with more than 12 years of diverse experience spanning different industries like life sciences and telecommunication. He has been involved in several challenging projects and had the chance to work in several different countries, including USA, UK and India. He has written articles and papers on software testing, and regularly attends international and national conferences. He is known for his coaching and mentoring skills, and has built various testing teams from scratch. During his career, he worked extensively in software testing, development and automation; software testing has become his passion. He is currently working as a Senior Test Engineer at Medidata Solutions leading the Mobile testing team.

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