Team of Testers - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Presenter: Kamila Polanska

Two years ago I joined the team consisted of 9 testers & 1 business analyst. Our goal was to test one piece of software. In my mind I saw our brilliant minds exchanging thoughts, ideas, trying new approaches and testing in the speed of light. Oh, how wrong I was…


Hear the story of my earlier testing project. Join me on a retrospective journey to the time we realized we will not be able to deliver this project with the force of this team. We decided to transform - find out what transformation we performed and why it needed to happen.


I will guide You through the topics like:

  • What happens when some roles are missing from the team?
  • What are the connection points between a tester and other non-tester members?
  • Is there any relationship between the number of testers and product quality?
  • Does non-tester roles affect quality?
  • Possible evolution of tester role.
  • What it means to be a leader?

Taking Testing into Court

Presenter: Kamila Polanska

Let us take a different look at software testing process - imagine it like a court case. The goal of this trial is to determine if the presented software is guilty of poor quality. Who will be the prosecutor? Who will defend it? Who will pass the judgement? Can one person play more than one role?


In my presentation, I would like to share my experience in the field with some lessons coming out from the comparison between the court trial and software testing.


I want to share with participants my insights on topics like:

* What are the rules in court that apply to software testing?

* Is tester more like a prosecutor, a judge or both?

* Who has the ultimate power to decide upon software fate?

* How flexible should tester be on his/her responsibilities?

* What can tester be accountable for?

* Will quality defend itself?

* For whom testers do their job?


Join the presentation and enjoy it performed by the speaker in Polish judge robe

Kamila Polanska


Kamila is a Quality Engineer from Poland with 4 years of experience in testing. She suffers from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – she tries to be present absolutely everywhere, learns quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve her work. Some say, that her creativity is boundless. They may be correct because she loves writing texts for her blog ( and coming up with new ideas for presentations. She believes that nothing is impossible - her motto is “I can not do it? Hold my coffee.”. Despite the critical approach to software, she is a tireless optimist. Privately her passion is long and short distance travelling. She will be more than happy to talk with You about geeky stuff like Harry Potter, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Sherlock or Dr Who (and other topics too!).

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