Go With Go(Lang)

Presenter: Iryna Suprun

Many different programming languages recently popped up on the software industry scene. Some of them will live long prosperous life, some will be gone in couple years.


GoLang is young free open source language created at Google in 2009. It is used by many big and small companies and fits automation needs almost perfectly.


It has a lot of tools and supporting libraries, great community and it’s possible to create hundreds of automation tests just in couple months using Go. These factors make Go very strong contestant when choosing language and tool set for test automation

Iryna Suprun


I have started my career as Software Engineer in 2004 in Ukraine where I was born.  I got Master’s degree in Computer Science in 2006 and in 2007 I got my first QA position. Eleven years later I still cannot stop testing and enjoy every day of doing this. I moved to USA in 2008 and continued my testing career here. ‘Till last year I was working in telecommunication industry testing OSS/BSS systems and real-time communication systems and products, such as audio platform for GoToMeeting application. I decided that it's time to try something new and joined Dailymotion as QA Architect last year, where with the team of great engineers I am working on ensuring that new advertisement platform we build has the best quality.

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