Masterclass Tutorial: Maximizing Testing Outcomes

A masterclass with management consultant Ole S. Rasmussen and test manager Anders Dinsen

To believe that things are as you see them, is to fool yourself by reducing complexity beyond the sensible. In this unique Masterclass you will be exploring the impact of your personal thinking and your values in testing complex software.


Software cannot be tested to be right or wrong. Yet, we are challenged to deliver test results as absolute, objective truths. In the class, we will bridge this by demonstrating how testing affect others beyond validating their work. We see testing as a social, collaborative activity and treat the absolute and objective as terms for interaction, dynamics, and means to drive change and context. We will show you how your perspectives on testing affect the values of your work and thereby the outcomes of development seen by the end-users, the market, and company stakeholders.


We will offer you a management-perspective, and a philosophical perspective on testing. You will be given the chance to use the two perspectives as tools or means to increase your understanding of the end-users needs, as well as your stakeholders. You know how to test; we will train your ability to perform testing with significant outcomes.


In this Masterclass it is imperative, that you are eager to participate in order to benefit from it.

Cynefin in Action – Sensemaking Experiences in Testing and Automation

Presenter: Anders Dinsen

Cynefin is a sensemaking framework and a protreptic practice. Even in its simplest form it helps me empower testers and developers so that they can act together when solving complex problems in testing and automation.


I learnt Cynefin in 2017 and since then I have used it extensively with the teams I’m leading and helping solve testing and automation problems. I’ve observed noteworthy effects: Not only can we use it to approach complex problems in sensible ways, but the framework also has potential to become a visible map of the “landscape” in which we’re performing our problem solving. Through that it creates a shared conceptual framework for the concrete problem space which the team is dealing with. This helps people see possibilities.


With this talk I aim to inspire leaders to use Cynefin as a leadership and coaching tool with testing- and automation teams. I will present the basics, talk about facilitation, and share my view of Cynefin.


We need tools like Cynefin in a complex world where rational, functional, and materialistic values no longer set the stage for development. We need sustainable solutions to complex problems, and we need to gather knowledge and deep understanding of possibilities and risks.


The protreptic was a leadership coaching school in the antique. Metaphorically, it’s aim is to create a mirror in which the leader can see her true and possible self. Cynefin aims to do the same: Help the team achieve phronesis, practical wisdom and power to see possibilities.

It works. Now, let’s demystify it.

Anders Dinsen


Based in Copenhagen, Anders is a highly experienced freelance test manager on medium- to large business critical projects. Anders is passionate about organizational learning-through-testing to bridge business and user safety, technology, and organization in agile and waterfall contexts. Anders is an experienced trainer, facilitator, conference speaker, and local testing-meetup organizer.


Twitter: @andersdinsen


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